SEK INTERNACIONAL - Year 5 and 6 outing to the Science Centre

If we had to describe the Science outing in one word, we would say: “Fun!"

The learners were actively involved in all the activities!  They started off by exploring different exhibits on the floor then they had an excellent team building activity!

The learners also listened to an educational speech about space and space shuttles. To make rocket launches more understandable for the learners they had to build their own rockets in pairs with a rope, a straw and a balloon. 

After lunch the learners explored the reflection of light! They really enjoyed this activity when observing the outside of the building through a hole made in the roof. Every movement outside reflected in a very dark room on a white table. It was just as some of them said “Cool!"

The outing ended with a magical science show with very exciting experiments like explosions, multiplying foam, interesting sounds from buckets and pool pipes, air compression experiments, just to name a few. It was truly a fun filled day!


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